...responds to CT communities with the power of compassionate, professional touch.


High quality, low cost education featuring well-known educators in the massage therapy field.

govt relations

Monitors and brings awareness to matters of massage therapy licensure and town ordinances in CT.

Sports Team

Winner of multiple national awards, this team provides high quality sports massage to professional & charity sports events in CT.


chapter announcements

CT Chapter Elections are now in!!!!  

Election Results are in......... Congratulations to the new members of our Board.
1st VP, Sue Barrett
3rd VP, Rocky Perez
Treasurer, Mindy Michaud
Sports Massage Team Director, Steve Callis
Education Director, Tami Taylor
Membership Director, Becca Torns Barker
Community Service Massage Team Director, Lani Roth
Congratulations to our Delegates and Alternates
Rich Testa
Becca Torns-Barker
Laura Stevenson-Flom
Alternate Delegates:
Shannon Saunders
Rocky Perez
Sue Barrett
Tami Taylor
Mindy Michaud
Congratulations to the 2015 Presidents Award Recipient, JoAnn Parady!!!
Congratulations to the 2015 CT Chatper Meritorious Recipient, Lee Stang.
Thank you to everyone who ran for a position and for all our chatper members who attended the meeting and education event today! 

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