The Community Services Massage Team

Community Service Massage Team

Jody Clouse, Chair of CSMT
Deb Van Ohlen, Emergency Division Coordinator
The Mission of CSMT... simple but powerful: "To respond to the needs of the communities within Connecticut with the power of compassionate, professional touch in order to promote the health and welfare of humanity."

Calendar of Events:

CTMOM 2017
April 7-8, 2017
Floyd Little Athletic Center, New Haven

If you would like to join the CSMT:

  1. Participate in Outreach events: you’ll need a white CT AMTA Volunteer Shirt; contact the coordinator of the event listed on the website CSMT calendar of events; come out and volunteer.
  2. Take the CSMT training and earn your Blue Shirts: with the training you can participate as an official team member at Emergency events.

If you are not trained you cannot participate in Emergency events.
Contact Jody Clouse at: for more information.

If you want to volunteer for this team, or to help the chapter in other ways, please complete this volunteer form.

The Goals of CSMT:

  1. Be a leader and resource in massage emergency response as a support to emergency responder and disaster communities
  2. Be a leader and resource in massage response in community service
  3. Create the standard by which massage therapy at community events, emergency or charity, is measured
  4. Promote massage therapy throughout the community
  5. Be aligned with governmental and non-governmental agencies
  6. Enhance the personal growth and professional development of AMTA-CT members
  7. Promote the visibility of AMTA-CT and the massage therapy profession
  8. Increase visibility of AMTA-CT therapists and assist members in promoting themselves
  9. Provide CSMT members with a safe and satisfying opportunity to volunteer
  10. CSMT On Alert
    There may be a statewide emergency drill on October 19th. If you're in the Emergency Division, keep your eyes on your email.

    MTF Challenge Results
    Each year, the MTF holds a state challenge, to see which chapter can raise the most funds for MTF. (If you don't know about MTF, learn more at We are happy to announce that Connecticut WON the state challenge! Thanks to our 1st VP, Sue Barrett for coordinating our fundraising efforts, and thanks to all the members who donated. Every dollar we can contribute to massage therapy research helps the entire profession.

    Thank You!
    Thank you to the following massage therapists who participated in the EMS Expo:
    Bob Austin
    Jody Clouse
    Natalie Dark
    Rena Dobrydnio
    Caroline Mulligan
    Wendy Payton
    Michelle Power
    Lani Roth
    Heidi Seaton
    Pat Shimchick
    Andrea Stannard
    Carol Sullivan

    Thank you to the following massage therapists who participated in the Fairfield Marathon:
    Charles Blake
    Judd Delany
    Melissa Girard
    Lisa Graca
    Ram Iyer
    Loucil Pichay
    Naim Shaikh

    Thank you to the volunteers that participated at the CT MOM event:
    Carol Radzunas
    Scott Raymond
    Tom Cushman
    Mandy Bates
    Seth Levine
    Sachiyo Langlois
    Michael Weinmar
    Jessica Myers-Bittner
    Kimberly Marino
    Jody Clouse
    Andrea Stannard
    Sue Cohen
    Bob Austin
    Carol Sullivan
    Michelle Rosenthal